LiST and Spectrum

In order to run LiST, users must first download Spectrum software. This links to the most recent version of the software.

Country data pack

The country data pack is an optional download which includes the demographic data for all countries based on World Population Prospects (WPP) 2017 as well as additional help language files.

Data import tools 

These files help to support specific functionalities in LiST or assist users with certain complex calculations. Instructions or documentation on how to use each tool is contained within the file itself. 



Videos and webinars

Recorded short videos and webinar recordings allow users to learn about specific aspects of the tool, both in terms of the theory behind it as well as how to manipulate the software.


Presentations used for training on LiST concepts and frameworks are provided here for users’ reference.


Guides on how to manipulate the LiST software and particular tools within the software.


Manuals on the Spectrum software, the LiST module, and the LiST Costing module, available in multiple languages. These manuals can also be accessed in the LiST software itself by clicking on the “Help” button.