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Trilingual webinars for NIPN country teams

29 March 2019 – The LiST team provided remote support for webinars given to various teams which are part of the Nutrition Information Platform for Nutrition (NIPN) project currently being implemented by Agropolis International. An initiative of the European Union, this project supports countries in strengthening their information systems for nutrition, with the ultimate objective to better inform the strategic decisions that country governments are faced with to prevent malnutrition and its consequences. Country teams are currently at different stages of establishing nutrition-related policy-relevant questions.

The webinars were presented in French to French-speaking African country teams (Burkina Faso and Cote d’Ivoire), in English to the English-speaking country teams (Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda), and in Spanish to the Spanish-speaking team (Guatemala). Co-lead by NIPN team members and a JHU faculty member, the webinars focused on the overarching concepts of LiST as a tool, and further focused on the nutrition components of the tool. After this brief introduction to the tool, teams will now be in a better position, with the GSF support evaluate whether or not this tool is appropriate for use to answer their policy questions to promote evidence-based decision-making in the nutrition sector. We wish the NIPN country teams and project the best of luck!