The LiST module produces estimates of global health impact by modeling outcomes such as:

  • Neonatal and child mortality

  • Maternal mortality

  • Stillbirths

  • Birth outcomes (preterm, small-for-gestational-age)

  • Nutrition outcomes (stunting, wasting, anemia)

The framework of LiST is based upon:

  • Demography details, either read directly from demographic projections produced by the United Nations Population Division or derived from national or subnational demographic estimates

  • Cause of death information for neonates, children under five, mothers, and stillbirths, from country-specific WHO profiles or estimated by using local data sources

  • Coverage levels for a variety of key health interventions that affect child and maternal mortality

  • Health status indicators for a national or subnational setting

  • Effectiveness estimates for neonatal, child, and maternal interventions from the latest scientific reviews and literature

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