The Lives Saved Tool (LiST) is part of Spectrum, a software which contains a suite of modules. Linkages between LiST and other analytic tools allow users to modify aspects including demography, HIV/AIDS programming, and family planning determinants. 

The following modules are currently included in Spectrum and can be used by LiST:

  • DemProj (provides demography information - automatically selected and always necessary to run LiST

  • AIM (estimates the impact of HIV/AIDS interventions – automatically selected in countries with a high HIV/AIDS prevalence)

  • LiST Lives Saved Tool (Maternal, newborn and child health and nutrition intervention impact)

  • FamPlan (estimates the impact of family planning interventions)

To run LiST, users need to download and install Spectrum here. They can then select LiST as a module to be activated for use in the software.  

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